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Days Gone dropped a new trailer

Days Gone dropped a new trailer

Time is ticking for Days Gone as January nears its end. This single-player open-world game is about to hit your consoles in just a few months. Since its announcement, PlayStation has kept everyone excitedly waiting by dropping a video series detailing the game’s mechanics and gameplay system. Today, PlayStation published a video teaser titled Riding the Broken Road which is focused on the player’s ride, the Drifter Bike.



You may want to take care of your big bike because it is your only means of transportation in a vast wilderness filled with zombies and bandits. In case of damage, you will have to repair the bike to return it to its working condition, and if you want a faster ride, then you can chase down bounties to upgrade your bike’s engine and nitrous boost. Another thing shown in the trailer is the cycle of Zombies and Marauders. In Days Gone, the Zombies are more active during nighttime and the Marauders are more active during daytime. This means that players can rest in safe houses at night. But still, you should be careful, the open world of Days Gone is dangerous and it comes for you all the time.

PlayStation and SIE Bend Studio will be revealing more videos about Days Gone in the next months before its official release on April but for now, just keep up with the hype and hope for crazier teasers to come. Check out our comparator to see similar games and to get cheaper deals.

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