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Crusader Kings III expansion Tours and Tournaments announced

Crusader Kings III expansion Tours and Tournaments announced

Grand strategy simulator Crusader Kings III  is releasing its second expansion in May. Titled Crusader Kings III: Tours and Tournaments, it will introduce new events and mechanics involving traveling to places far and near and holding festivals that test your knights’ skills. Check out the trailer for Tours and Tournaments here:



Travel and Tourney

Tours and Tournaments lets you do various activities as you travel. You can choose to make your tour long or short. You can select members of your entourage or travel alone. If you travel within your kingdom’s borders, you may visit vassals to threaten them with tax collectors or shower them with gifts to ensure their loyalty. You can also travel abroad to unknown and perhaps more perilous lands where you’ll encounter other types of events.

Tournaments are a new type of event you can host. You can put out a call for your nobles and wandering knights to join in a contest of skill and strength. This has the dual benefit of raising your social status and letting you award your knights with bonuses to increase their stats or their armies. Even if you don’t want to hold a violent tournament, you can host a wedding instead, complete with backroom political wheeling and dealing. 

After Tours and Tournaments, fans can expect three more such expansions to come. The next one, Wards and Wardens will focus on your creating your legacy via raising children. Legacy of Persia, on the other hand, introduces mechanics for Islamic and Zoroastrian religions and their unique clan government. Finally, Elegance of the Empire will provide bringing new regal clothing inspired by Emperor Henry II and Empress Cunigunde.

Crusader Kings 3: Tours and Tournaments arrives on May 11. Pre-order a Crusader Kings III: Tours and Tournaments PC key. You may also get the base game Crusader Kings III at the best prices at our comparator.

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