Crusader Kings III's new expansion is coming in early 2022

Crusader Kings III's new expansion is coming in early 2022

The vast and demonstrable experience of Paradox Interactive in the strategy genre is well-known thanks to several of their video game series. Every new game they release for each of them includes new features while keeping the ones that really work. As a result, games like Europa Universalis IV and Hearts of Iron IV offer unique experiences that can be counted among the best by the fans. This is especially true when it comes to Crusader Kings III. The latest installment in the long-running medieval strategy series allows you to create your house and expand your legacy throughout the whole era. 



Crusader Kings III is one of the biggest games created by Paradox to date, and it features countless gameplay mechanics that allow you to control every aspect of your kingdom and its expansion, accompanied by excellent graphics. But the developer is about to add even more features with the first big expansion. Paradox has confirmed the launch date for Royal Court, an upcoming expansion for Crusader Kings III that will add plenty of additional content to the game, including the following:


  • Throne Room: A visual representation of your royal court will reflect all the accumulated majesty and prestige of your dynasty.
  • Hold Court: Interact with vassals and courtiers as they come to you with their problems, seeking a royal judgment.
  • Grandeur: Increase the quality of life at your court with fancier trappings and better food, all the better to impress your rivals and attract higher quality guests.
  • Inspired People: Talented artists, craftspeople and thinkers can work on new projects, adding treasures and artifacts to your court.
  • Hybrid Cultures: Make the most of a multicultural realm, developing a new way of life that is specifically adapted to your population and geography.
  • Cultural Divergence: split from your traditional culture, adapting it into something new that better fits your aspirations.


When will Royal Court launch?

If all this sounds interesting to you, remember to mark February 8, 2022, on your calendar as it's the date chosen to release Crusader Kings III: Royal Court. If you are yet to immerse yourself into the thrilling political world of the middle ages, you can find the best price to buy Crusader Kings III on our comparator, of course.



  • Categories : Role-Playing , Simulation , Strategy
  • Editor : Paradox interactive
  • Developer : Paradox Development Studio
  • Mode(s) : Solo, Multiplayer
  • Release date : March 16, 2021
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