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    Europa Universalis IV is the fourth video game in the amazing, award-winning Europa Universalis franchise. Europa Universalis IV will give you a nation to lead, and you have to make it a feared, powerful force throughout the years so that you can achieve global power. Make your mark on history as you lead your people throughout the ages with complete freedom to do anything you want to. Explore the unknown lands, trade and amass treasure as you become a master trader, fight many wars to conquer land or protect your own, and become a diplomat and establish an empire without going into war. Europa Universalis IV allows you to truly build your nation in whatever way you want to, the player has complete freedom and almost limitless possibilities. The new system that has men and women at the top that directly affect the gameplay makes the game that much interesting, as it introduces some unique elements not seen much in strategy games. Meet various geniuses and important historical figures as you take part in thousands of interesting historical events. Europa Universalis IV has a beautiful topographical map that even has dynamic seasonal effects. The new trade system will allow you to take control of important trade routes and own the world with the immense amount of wealth that you amass. The diplomatic system got a whole lot deeper, as you can now use coalitions, support rebels, and even use royal marriages to make deals and become a cunning diplomat. Europa Universalis IV even allows you to play with your friends, up to 32 of them, as you all put your efforts together to handle a whole nation. Build your empire and expanded by trading, using diplomacy, or by waging war, Europa Universalis IV offers you tons of ways to play the game, each interesting and distinct in its own way.

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