Create an empire in Europa Universalis IV for free

Create an empire in Europa Universalis IV for free

It's Thursday already, and that means a new free game on Epic Games Store. The Escapists has been available for a whole week, and now it's the turn of a renowned strategy game developed by Paradox Interactive. Europa Universalis IV is one of the most detailed games in the genre, and it offers a lot of content for you to explore, but it can also be enhanced with a whole lot of DLC, each of them adding new features and mechanics. As usual, you can claim the game for free by visiting Epic Games Store and adding it to your collection permanently. The offer will be available until next Thursday when a new game will replace it.

Dominate the world

In Europa Universalis IV, you control one of the world's many nations from the late Middle Ages to the Early Modern period. You will have to manage every aspect of a nation to guide its society into the modern age, including diplomacy, economy, trade, warfare, and colonization. The game offers you a sandbox environment where every decision you make has an impact on the development of your nation through history. 



Even though it features mechanics similar to other games in the genre, Europa Universalis IV is as detailed as it gets in every aspect of management, and the massive amount of options and variables could be overwhelming to the neophytes in the genre. But if you learn the game mechanics, it delivers an immersive management experience that will put you to the test as you try to build an empire that dominates the world.

Add to that a deep customization system and cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes, and the result is one of the most complete titles of the genre, which you can have now for free on PC. Do not miss this opportunity to get Europa Universalis IV, and feel free to visit our comparator check out prices for its DLCs and game deals.

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