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Crusader Kings 3 receives a Ruler Designer feature today

Crusader Kings 3 receives a Ruler Designer feature today

Crusader Kings 3 is a strategy game that shines in many aspects of gameplay and delivers quite an appealing experience for all those fans of the genre that want to delve into a simulation of the Middle Ages. The incredibly huge amount of details and features in the game make it one of the most popular choices right now and it allowed that more than one million copies of it were sold barely a month after it was released. On the other hand, there is something that was unexpectedly missing in such a detailed simulator, and it's the possibility of customizing the looks of your ruler. Although it's something that does not really have a direct impact on the gameplay itself, this kind of feature contributes to making you feel more identified with your role in the game.

Paradox Interactive is about to fix that problem by releasing its brand new Ruler Designer, a new feature that will be included in Crusader Kings 3 starting today. It will let you customize several aspects of your ruler in the game, including the ruler's background, their looks, and their coat of arms. The time of playing with a ruler you really dislike is finally over! But the Ruler Designer lets you delve a bit deeper into personalization, and allows you to tweak every other aspect of your ruler. You can change their skills, traits, and even their likes. It's worth to notice that you can choose to go beyond the standard 400-points limit when it comes to skills, but achievements will be disabled if you do it.



The new Ruler Designer arrives today to Crusader Kings 3 as part of the 1.2 update, which also adds a series of error fixes and gameplay improvements. If you want to discover all that Crusader Kings 3 brings to the franchise, you can find the best price to buy it on our comparator.

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