Crusader Kings III's new DLC takes you to Iberian Peninsula

Crusader Kings III's new DLC takes you to Iberian Peninsula

Paradox Interactive has a wide and demonstrable experience with strategy games. The studio's work is best represented by Europa Universalis IV and Crusader Kings III. Both games have a completely different approach to the genre but have got for themselves a good community of followers. The games in the Crusader Kings series all revolve around Medieval strategy, but its latest installment includes plenty of novelties and gameplay mechanics that have made it quite a hit among the fans of the franchise. Paradox is expanding the content in the game very soon with a new DLC focused on the Iberian Peninsula.

Al-Andalus vs. Christian Kingdoms

The Fate of Iberia Flavour Pack is a DLC for Crusader Kings III that will arrive on the 31st of May. This pack will allow you to recreate the historical events that took place in the area during the medieval period, but you can also create an alternative route. The geopolitical situation in the peninsula is quite complex as Christians and Muslims fight to control the territory. 



Fate of Iberia features a new gameplay system called the Struggle, which "will be changing the rules and increasing the challenge for the rulers within the Iberian peninsula" by adding certain effects to each region depending on a variety of historical factors. The DLC also adds a revamped map of the region with redefined country and duchy divisions and new areas of influence for cultures and faiths. Of course, Fate of Iberia will also bring a host of new pieces of art inspired by the Iberian cultures of the Medieval era to make it all look historically accurate. 

The release of Fate of Iberia will be accompanied by a free update for Crusader Kings III that adds a new faction type, Heads of Faith, along with a new 867 bookmark featuring a revamped Iberian cast of characters.
If you want to immerse yourself in the conflict between Al-Andalus and the Christian Kingdoms for the control of the Iberian Peninsula, there is no better option than Fate of Iberia. As usual, you can find Crusader Kings III cheap on our comparator anytime.

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