Blood Bowl III adds Lizardmen for free

Blood Bowl III adds Lizardmen for free

Although the release of Blood Bowl III was received with joy by the fans of Games Workshop's board game, it was accompanied by a bit of controversy. The game could have used a bit more polishing ahead of release and there are some players that do not like the monetization system. There are quite a few teams to choose from in the game, but Cyanide Studios planned to release many more via season passes. The developer has been focused on fixing bugs and improving the game since it was released, and now it's time to make amends for the problems at release and for the first new team to arrive to Blood Bowl III.

"We understand that some of the content you expect in Blood Bowl 3 is not yet available. Season 1 is a first step in adding those important elements, and we will keep working on delivering features and exciting novelties over the next weeks, months, and seasons."

The Blood Pass

Any player that owns Blood Bowl III can now log in and claim the new Blood Pass to gain access to the Lizardmen team. You can progress through the different tiers in the Blood Pass with experience points, which you can gain by playing single-player and multiplayer matches. You are awarded a certain number of points for each match. The longer the match lasts, the more points you are awarded at the end. Your actions during the match will also grant you experience. Pretty much, all you have to do is play Blood Bowl III to progress through the Blood Pass and unlock all the rewards.



Every new season, Blood Bowl III is getting a brand new pass. Unlike the following ones, the current one gives you access to the Lizardmen team straight away. In the future, you will have to unlock the pass with Warpstone, the in-game currency, and to unlock the corresponding team you will have to get to the end of the reward track, which shouldn't be too much of an issue if you like to play the game.

Cyanide is working hard to improve the game taking into account the requests from the community, and it has detailed future additions in a blog post. Remember that you can get a Blood Bowl III PC code at the best price with our comparator.

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