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Batman: Arkham Legacy would be the next Warner Bros. Montreal game

Batman: Arkham Legacy would be the next Warner Bros. Montreal game

About a month ago, Batman's 80th-anniversary celebrations were in full swing, and there was also a rumor about a potential new game on the caped vigilante due to a tweet exchange between two people from the team that worked on Batman: Arkham Origins, Robert Craig Smith, and Ryan Galetta. As a reminder, it is the Montreal branch of Warner Bros. Games who developed the game after the acquisition of Rocksteady, who had developed the previous episodes of the Batman: Arkham series. A few days after this exchange, its Twitter account posted a video clearly referring to the universe of Batman, without further details.

Even though there is no longer any doubt that something is in the works, its nature still remains to be defined. It seems that a new clue has appeared today with a leak that comes to add water to the mill.



We owe this new information to Sabi, an insider known to have revealed a lot of information that has been proved true, even to the point of suffering the wrath of Nintendo in the last E3. With the following tweet posted two days ago, Sabi began to reveal some information on this upcoming game.

He says the title would be Batman: Arkham Legacy, stating that the name may change. He then adds that the game would be focused on the Batman Family and that all of its members would be playable. The Batman Family brings together a whole bunch of characters close to Batman, such as Robin, Catwoman, Batgirl, or Red Hood. We also learned that the Court of Owls would also be at the center of the game, as suggested by the teaser published by Warner Bros. last month.

All this is, of course, to be taken with a pinch of salt. We would need an official confirmation from Warner Bros. which, according to Sabi, could happen at the Game Awards in December. If all this is true, Batman: Arkham Legacy could be a game with great potential.

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