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    The Batman Arkham series is hailed as one of the greatest comic book style video games ever, and through it, some amazing stories have been told. With Batman Arkham Origins, we got to see the beginning of the tale so to speak, as we got to witness Batman's rise to prominence, as well as the rise of many of his villains. But now, the story grows in an even deeper way with Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate. For in this 2D action side-scroller, you'll go even deeper into the story of Arkham Origins, and learn even more about the history of Batman. Blackgate Prison is the place where many of Gotham City's elite criminals go when they don't get shipped to Arkham Asylum. So when something happens there, you know it gets Batman's attention. What's going on in this infamous prison? Well, an explosion has rocked the prison, and now several inmates are now free, and they've taken hostages, as Batman, you'll need to get in there, figure out who caused the explosion, free the hostages, and take out any and all inmates who have escaped. The Arkham series signature freeflow combat system is in full effect in Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate. So you'll be able to use all the moves and gadgets of Batman in order to take down thugs. Plus, your gadgets will help you navigate the twisted prison of Blackgate. The people need Batman, will you be able to save everyone in time? Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate awaits.

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