Baldur's Gate III is getting crossplay

Baldur's Gate III is getting crossplay

It's been just a couple of days since Baldur's Gate III was released for PlayStation 5. Plenty of players were eager to immerse into the world of Forgotten Realms in the epic adventure created by Larian Studios after its sound success on PC. From its unique gameplay mechanics to its exciting dialogs, and intense turn-based tactical combat, Baldur's Gate III delivers an amazing experience that is setting the standards for the future in the genre, and the port of the game for Sony's consoles is as good as the PC version. Larian has managed to adapt the game flawlessly to the capabilities of the PS5 and the results are outstanding.



Improving Baldur's Gate III with new features

With the release of Baldur's Gate III for Xbox consoles pending a release date, one question arises in the community of players who love the game. What about crossplay? Baldur's Gate III allows multiple players to share their exciting campaign and joining players on other platforms seems like a very reasonable request. Larian has confirmed in a recent interview with Eurogamer that the studio plans to add the feature sometime soon.

"It was always in the planning, but we knew it wouldn't be for launch. It's in the roadmap, and though we have an idea of when we'd like to get it ready for, we don't want to put a date on it until we're sure."

The addition of such a feature will undoubtedly have a positive impact on a community of players that keeps growing on a daily basis. Baldur's Gate III has achieved impressive numbers already and it offers so many possibilities that there are players still trying to discover its secrets and enjoying the multiple approaches you can take in the campaign. Sharing all that with your friends, no matter what platform they play on, is definitely a bonus.

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