Aliens will invade Fallout 76 next spring

Aliens will invade Fallout 76 next spring

Surviving in the post-apocalyptic wasteland of Fallout 76 is not an easy thing. Mutants, radiation, scarcity of resources, and plenty of other players willing to kill anyone just for a new pair of boots are common impediments that forbid you from enjoying a tranquil life. The counterpart is that you have plenty of opportunities of embarking on thrilling adventures, solo or accompanied by other friends. If you are lucky, you might even find some visitors from outer space, or that's what Bethesda is proposing for Fallout 76 this spring. The developer has announced the content that will be added to the game throughout 2022.

Fallout 76 2022 roadmap

The Invaders From Beyond event will kick off this spring, and it will bring a new addition to the already large list of threats that can get you killed in Fallout 76. aliens will invade Appalachia, and you will be able to greet them appropriately in random encounters and public events all over the territory.



Later, in the summer, players will be able to entertain themselves by participating in exciting arena fights against mechanical opponents. The fall will bring a sizeable game update with new missions, enemies, NPCs, and a new expedition, The Pitt, which will allow you to visit Pittsburg. Finally, the winter will come with the Fizziest Show on Earth, a new experience full of new public events, and a new big bad boss to entertain you during the cold months.


Fallout 76 roadmap 2022


As you can see, it's quite unlikely that you get bored in Fallout 76 this year. Bethesda will reveal more details on the upcoming events as their launch date gets closer. If you are yet to discover the joys of living a post-nuclear experience in the wasteland, you can visit our comparator and buy your Fallout 76 code at the best price.

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