Watch 10 minutes of The Forgotten City gameplay

Watch 10 minutes of The Forgotten City gameplay

Although it's something rather uncommon nowadays in most genres there are some games that stay away from action and focus on storytelling to deliver a compelling experience to the players. This is the case of The Forgotten City, an adventure created by Modern Storytellers that will take you to Ancient Rome to solve a mystery. The premise of the game is quite interesting: you have to interact with the 26 inhabitants of The Forgotten City to discover who is the one that is planning to commit a crime and try to prevent it at all costs. The only tools at your disposal are your wits and a time loop mechanic that will make you experience the final moments of this secret underground city over and over. The risk of failing to solve the mystery is great because The Forgotten City inhabitants are under the Golden Rule, and if any of them commits a crime, all of them will be turned to gold and die.

The Forgotten City is a game about using every clue and piece of information at your disposal to solve the mystery and find out the criminal before he has the chance to act. Of course, you won´t be killing anyone in this game but you are free to explore the whole city and interrogate all of its inhabitants to obtain information. Whatever means you use are up to you, including reason, charm, bribery, stealth, intimidation, or just by exploiting the knowledge of the events that you will gain due to the time loop. You can have a taste of the gameplay in the latest The Forgotten City video.



The Forgotten City is originally based on a very popular mod for Skyrim and although it doesn't add much in the way of graphic enhancements, the game can be a very good choice for those that want to forget about killing things and delve a bit into mystery-solving for a while. The Forgotten City will be available this winter on PC and Xbox One.


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