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The Last of Us Part II gameplay continues being revealed ahead of its release

The Last of Us Part II gameplay continues being revealed ahead of its release

One of the most interesting features of The Last of Us Part II is the level of immersion that the game offers to the players. Ellie's story is thrilling and emotional, and that's very important for the game, but when it comes to the gameplay, the story has to be accompanied by a suitable amount of actions that your character can perform. Those will allow the game to take shape as you are playing it and greatly help to transmit the story.  For example, if you can pull out an arrow from the chest of a dead enemy with your bare hands and put it inside your quiver, the sensation of immersion offered by the game is much better, and it indirectly represents that the game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where the shortage of resources is something you have to deal with on a daily basis. There are many of those little examples in The Last of Us Part II, and a few of them have been revealed in a new gameplay video that focuses on the actions that Ellie can perform during the game.



The developers of The Last of Us Part II have tried to emphasize the fact that Ellie is a survivor in a world that has gone mad. The level of interaction that Ellie will have with the elements in the game will be far superior to the one she had in The Last of Us. Also, the possibility of jumping and crawling adds a new dimension to the game which allows for more vertical scenarios, more realistic stealth mechanics, and a number of other features that contribute to enhancing the gaming experience that The Last of Us Part II offers to the players.

Another way in which the developers give more personality to The Last of Us Part II is it's crafting system and the character development system. Materials are limited and the opportunities to develop your character too. That means that the choices you take really matter and that they will be quite relevant through the course of the game. It goes far beyond choosing yes or no in a dialog box.

All those features have been combined to create a worthy sequel to The Last of Us, which will definitely delight the players when it's released June 19th on PlayStation 4.

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