The Last of Us Part II, latest news

The Last of Us Part II, latest news

It's now been a little over two weeks since the release date of The Last of Us Part II was revealed in a trailer on the occasion of the last State of Play. Since then, the pace of communication around the game seems to be accelerating. While the game has been in the shadows for some time, recent days have been rich in new information on The Last of Us Part II.

Indeed, the recent presentation of games' demos in Los Angeles has somewhat loosened some tongues, and a few members of the game team have revealed in more detail what awaits us from on February 21.

From a purely technical point of view, the latest videos of The Last of Us Part II have not failed to raise concern among players. The Last of Us Part II released exclusively on PS4 and some doubts have emerged regarding the issue of rendering on PS4 Pro vs. PS4 classic. In an interview with USgamer Emilia Schatz, lead game designer said:

   "Our target platform is the PS4, the base. That's actually what I've got on my desk at work, and so that's what we sort of aim for."

While there is still a good possibility that the experience will be better on PS4 Pro, it is reassuring to see that the owners of classic PS4 are not put aside.

The co-realizer of the game, Anthony Newman also spoke at the microphone of Gamespot to reveal a little more about the AI. It was probably the biggest weak point, one of the very few ones, in The Last of Us, especially with some NPCs who sometimes had strange behaviors.

     "What I'm really excited about is that with a lot of effort and some clever AI tricks, every time you see your ally shoot an enemy, their bullets do exactly as much damage as yours do"

He adds that this new feature could lead to different strategies for players. Allowing NPCs to do damage reminisces the support system found in many games, including multiplayer, although, remember, The Last of Us Part II will be single-player only.

Finally, we can watch a new video of The Last of Us Part II. It showcases the physical change of Ellie over a black background. While the girl was only 14 years old in the first opus, Ellie will be 19 years old in The Last of Us Part II. This video highlights the evolution of the character, from an innocent child, to a woman thirsting for revenge immersed in a cruel world. This short trailer also serves asan opportunity to announce that The Last of Us Remastered is playable for free in October via the Playstation Plus subscription.

This is a great opportunity to discover the history of the first part, or refresh your memory before the release of The Last of Us Part II, which is coming exclusively on PS4 February 21, 2020.

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