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Metro Exodus is ready for a release on Steam

Metro Exodus is ready for a release on Steam

Metro Exodus gained quite a bit of relevance about one year ago for several reasons. The latest installment in the Metro series was a highly anticipated game and many fans were eager to continue the adventures of Artyom after the events in Metro: Last Light. But the launch of the game came with a big change because in a surprise move 4A Games and Deep Silver decided that the game would be one of the first major releases that would be exclusive to Epic Games Store. In the aftermath of the announcement, we have seen plenty of other games to follow the same path, helping the creators of Fortnite to consolidate their shop as a strong video game distribution platform.

One year later the exclusivity of Metro Exodus is about to expire and the game is ready to be released on Steam at last. All the players that have been patiently waiting to play the game on Valve's platform will be able to do so on Saturday 15th February 2020. The release times for the game have been revealed on the official Twitter account of the franchise.



Although you won't be getting any bonuses for getting the game on Steam, both the Metro Exodus Expansion Pass and the Two Colonels DLC are already available in the shop. That means that you will probably be able to enjoy all the content released through the last year without having to wait as soon as Metro Exodus is released on Steam, and that you will be getting the latest version of the game. We just hope that the Steam version of the game doesn't have any problems at launch. After all, they have had more than enough time to get it ready.

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