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Metro Exodus Reveals Special Weapons Class Trailer

Metro Exodus Reveals Special Weapons Class Trailer

There are only a few days to go before the official game release and a new trailer for Metro Exodus featuring the game’s special weapons class has been published. The trailer shows off a wide array of impressive weapons, that will get every player excited about Metro Exodus upcoming release! Not only do these weapons help our protagonist Artyom staying alive in the dead-zone but they are also pieces of precious equipment ready to be customized according to the player’s taste. You’ll probably be thanking the developers for generating such extraordinary weaponry just to survive in the war-torn post-apocalyptic Russian landscape.

Metro Exodus delivers to the player weapons that can be freely customized according to the player’s personal preference, which implies that these can be fitted with all sorts of attachments and modifications that you can get scavenging materials. These hand-made weapons are at Artyom’s disposal but you have to keep in mind that ammunition is still a precious commodity. So lock and load, keep your gun ready to fire and prepare yourself for the most epic battle you’ll ever play. Check out the Special Weapons Class trailer below:



Metro Exodus will be released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC this coming February 15.

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