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Metro Exodus creators show its development over time

Metro Exodus creators show its development over time

As many other AAA games, Metro Exodus has been a long time in the works, and now the team of developers wants to show us a little bit of their behind the scenes so that we have a better understanding of the creative process behind the creation of the game. The video is part of a series of Diaries and it shows members of the team, the materials used in the creative process and old photos of the five years that the development of the game has taken so far.



Andrew Prokhorov, creative director of 4A Games, talks about how proud he is of the team as the kept working to finish the game while he was recovering of the stroke he suffered during the last months of the development of the game. The team members reflect on the experience and camaraderie that surges from completing such a big project as a team.

The game is set two years after Metro: Last Light, once again playing as ranger Artyom, who lives in the ruins of Moscow's Metro system. He embarks on a year-long journey with other Spartan Rangers to the East, where they hope to find a better life. With a more open sandbox feeling, this game will be a mix of linear objectives and non-linear opportunities to explore the open world of ta postapocalyptic Russia in the aftermath of a nuclear war. Metro Exodus will launch for PC, PS4 and Xbox One the 15th of February.

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