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Civilization VI is free for a whole week

Civilization VI is free for a whole week

Without any kind of doubt Sid Meier's Civilization series is one of the pinnacles of the turn-based strategy genre and the main representative of the 4X genre. Millions of players have been choosing a civilization and leading it to victory for almost 30 years and although some gameplay mechanics have changed over time, the core of Civilization games is still the same. You pick a civilization, develop it through the ages, and try to meet different victory conditions to win the game by exploring the map, expanding your territory, developing technologies, and establishing relations with your neighbors.



Every new game in the series includes novelties and a few new mechanics but one of the most innovative ones has been Civilization VI because it gives far more importance to the terrain surrounding your city by unstacking the tiles that form it. Instead of just queuing buildings and troops in your city you will have to consider what kind of bonuses the terrain gives you and try to take advantage of those bonuses. Also, this new system comes with restrictions, and some buildings can't be built unless you meet certain conditions. All this adds a new strategic dimension to Civilization VI.

If you are a long term fan of the Civilization series and you have not tried Civilization VI yet, now you can get it for free at Epic Games Store. You can visit the store and claim the game for free during the next week. Once you do it, it will be linked to your account forever and you can download and play it anytime. If you like the game and you want to expand its content later, there are two expansions available, Civilization VI: Gathering Storm and Civilization VI: Rise and Fall, and even more content is coming in the next months. You can visit our comparator to find the best prices to buy them anytime.



  • Official website : Civ6
  • Categories : Strategy
  • Editor : 2K
  • Developer : Firaxis Games
  • Mode(s) : Solo, Multiplayer
  • Release date : October 20, 2016
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