Firaxis announces more content for Civilization VI

Firaxis announces more content for Civilization VI

Civilization VI is not short of options when it comes to expansions. Both Civilization VI: Gathering Storm and Civilization VI: Rise and Fall add plenty of features to the game and introduce some gameplay mechanics that make the simulation game from Firaxis Games even more interesting. But the developers have presented the roadmap for the upcoming months and there seem to be quite a few additions among their plans for Civilization VI. A brand new season pass called Civilization VI - New Frontier Pass is the way of introducing six different DLC that will be released through the following ten months.



Starting May 21, Firaxis Games will release a new DLC every two months. Each of them will include new civilizations with their leaders and exclusive units and buildings, but also new resources, city districts, and gameplay modes. It's a bunch of content that will spice up the gameplay with a lot of different options and that will allow players to focus on different strategies. Some of the features included in those DLC will require players to have Gathering Storm or Rise and Fall to work, but most of the content will be playable with just the basic game. The first DLC is the Maya & Gran Colombia Pack, which adds two new civilizations and leaders, new city-states, resources, natural wonders, and even the brand new Apocalypse game mode, only for those that have Gathering Storm.


civilization 6 roadmap


But if you are not willing to pay for new content in Civilization VI, Firaxis Games still has some novelties in storage for you, and they will be releasing a total of six free updates in between the DLC packs included in the Civilization VI - New Frontier Pass. Those will introduce balance changes and free content that has not been specified yet. While you wait for the new content to be released you can check the best price to buy Civilization VI and its expansions in our comparator.

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