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Firaxis Games brings you back to the turn-based strategy franchise for excellence. Civilization VI is the latest installment of the series. It comes full of new mechanics and features that will make the journey of your empire through the tides of time an experience you will never forget. Civilization VI features the usual gameplay of the series, but includes many of the improvements added on the latest Civilization V expansions, and a few new ones:

  • Expansive Cities: Cities can now occupy multiple tiles, with certain improvements having to be placed outside of the main city itself and granting bonuses to structures. You can now customize the build of your city and take full advantage of the surrounding terrain.

  • Active Research: formerly known as the technology tree. The developement of your civilization's technology will now be boosted by the access to certain resources, (having a quarry will make your progress in masonry faster, for example). Also certain discoveries will grant you an Eureka Moment, that will boost your progress in related technologies.

  • Dynamic Diplomacy: As you progress through the game your initial relationships with other civilizations will get more complex. The developement of spies will widen your information network and give you access to more detailed knowledge about what's happening all over the world. Each ruler has it's own hidden agenda, that will influence his diplomatic relations with the neighbors.

  • Combined Arms: Unit stacking is still limited, but you will be able to combine units from the same types to form corps and armies, and also embed support units with others, like an anti-aircraft gun supporting infantry.

  • Enhanced Multiplayer: There are new multiplayer modes available, including scenarios to play specific competitive and cooperative matches, that are designed to be finished in a single playing session.

Civilization VI provides a good challenge to all types of players. Veterans will find new systems to develop their civilizations, and newcomers have a new set of tutorial systems that will allow them to grasp the gameplay mechanics and get used to the flow of the game quite easily. The classic is back once again. Choose your civilization and get ready to conquer the world once more!



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