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    Civilization VI expands once again with the addition of new content: the Byzantium & Gaul Pack! This DLC adds two nations to the base game: Byzantium, led by Basil II, and Gaul, led by Ambiorix. Each faction has its own unique abilities, buildings, and units.


    Unique Unit - the Dromon, which replaces the Quadrireme and gains extra attack strength and range; and the Tagma, which replaces the Knight and grants Combat and Religious strength to other units

    Unique Building - The Hippodrome, replacing the Entertainment Complex

    Unique Ability - Taxis, which gives units additional combat or religious strength based on the number of cities that converted to the Byzantium religion


    Unique Unit - Gaesatae, which replaces the warrior and gains bonuses when fighting stronger units and district defenses

    Unique Building - The Oppidum, a defensible building that unlocks the Apprenticeship tech.

    Unique Ability - “Hallstatt Culture” lets you Culture Bomb unoccupied territory and lets your mines give adjacency bonus to your districts 

    Also included is the new Dramatic Ages game mode (requires the Civilization VI Expansion Bundle), a new Map Type and two new World Wonders: the statue of Zeus and the Biosphere.

    Pave the way to a new Golden Age with Civilization VI - Gaul and Byzantium.

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    This game is a DLC and needs to be used with the complete version of the game : Civilization VI

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