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Civilization VI: Gathering Storm, bad weather incoming

Civilization VI: Gathering Storm, bad weather incoming

With Civilization VI: Gathering Storm being released in a couple of days, we wanted to explain all the fans of the strategy the reasons to be excited about the launch of this new DLC. This expansion for Civilization VI puts an emphasis on climate change as its main theme. Now not only will you have to battle it out against eight new civilizations and nine new leaders, but you will have to contend with Mother Nature too.



With Gathering Storm, the usual "finding a spot to settle on" dilemma will become more difficult as some civilizations like the Maori will start at the sea, gaining bonuses every turn they do not settle down. You will also be able to take advantage of the Phoenicians ability that lets them move their capital to another city with their unique building. Those tactical opportunities will definitely make for a much more interesting game.

Now building on a flood plain or a volcano puts you into risks of natural disasters, but it also does have advantages and you can always try to work your strategy around those. Disasters are random and they will strike anytime. They are not like an aggressive civilization that you can keep content or erase from history. Considering that resources like coal and oil will produce CO2 and accelerate the climate change, taking time to change to a new energy source will be worth the time and the effort it takes to switch all your cities and units to clean energy. At least, from modern age onward, you can construct buildings and projects that can mitigate the problems caused by climate change.

Regarding politics, the World Congress will be able to create an emergency event were you force other civilizations to send emergency help. These events are similar to other emergencies, and each civilization will try to outdo others to earn points. Also, the new diplomacy system allows the use of favor as a currency, just like gold or promises. Competing in international events, helping in emergencies and gaining allies will speed up the process to gain diplomatic favor. Once you have enough, you can use it in World Congress meetings to push your own global agenda. This also has become a new viable strategy to achieve a diplomatic victory and it makes the game much more fun. Overall, Gathering Storm is a great expansion for Civilization VI. It brings new mechanics that will spice up your gameplay with a lot of strategic options, but also new content like new scenarios, civilizations, seven new world wonders, seven natural wonders, 18 new units, 15 new improvements, 9 new buildings, 5 new districts, 2 new city sets, 9 new techs and 10 new civics.

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