Apex Legends won't mix console and PC players

Apex Legends won't mix console and PC players

There are a number of factors that players can improve to have better results when playing first-person shooting games, but there are also some things that have an impact on your gameplay that you can't control. This is especially significant when we are talking of competitions at the highest level, where latency can be a matter of life and death for your character. If you are playing on a platform that is better or allows you to play with a wider field of view, you will definitely get an advantage over players who are not on the same situation, and that is something that has been concerning Apex Legends players every time crossplay is brought up in any conversation. 

Players that play on PC usually have access to faster and more powerful machines than those that play on consoles, meaning that at the same skill level, those players that have a high-end PC can view other players from farther away, gaining a significative advantage over them. Therefore, when Respawn Entertainment announced that they are implementing cross-play in Apex Legends not everyone was happy about it and some concerns about this matter started to worry a good number of players.



To address this issue, Titanfall series creators have decided not to mix PC players with those playing on a console. This has been revealed by Respawn software engineer Jake Smullin in a Tik Tok video in which he confirms that "You will only be in PC crossplay lobbies if you have a PC player on your team".

Although this may seem to be something contrary to what implementing a cross-play system inherently aims for, which is players on different platforms playing together, it's probably the easiest way of dealing with the problem, which shouldn't bother players any longer. It also paves the way for Apex Legends to continue being one of the most played Battle Royale games in a competition that gets more difficult every day with so many other games adding battle royale features to their gameplay.



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