Apex Legends is upgrading its training mode

Apex Legends is upgrading its training mode

Some games leave players very little room to learn about how to play and get you immersed a bit too fast into the thrilling action that they offer. This is something especially relevant in titles like Apex Legends, where the role and the abilities of each character are completely different, and your knowledge about them as a player has a direct impact on your performance in the game and, therefore, your reputation. Not everyone is patient with players that are learning how to play when the result of their match is compromised, and that can result in very frustrating experiences both for the inexperienced players and the seasoned ones.

Developer Respawn Entertainment has decided to add some improvements to the training mode in Apex Legends in order to let players explore all the possibilities that each of the legendary characters available in the game offers. As revealed during a recent livestream, the new Firing Range will allow players to choose any character and experiment with any kind of gear and weaponry combination that they desire. Players will also be able to invite any members of their squad to the Fring Range to practice together.

Apex Legends already includes a training mode that explains toyou the basics of the game when you first log in, but it feels quite short and it doesn't provide players with much room for practicing or trying different things. It is more a tutorial about the controls and the gameplay mechanics.

It may look like a small modification, but it's a change that will also affect experienced Apex Legends players since it will allow them to try different loadouts, new characters or changes to the meta without the stress of doing so during a match.

This modification will be implemented during Apex Legends Season 3 but no date for its release has been revealed. We expect it to be added soon though.

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