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Apex Legends’ Season 3 starts today

Apex Legends’ Season 3 starts today

The free-to-play Battle Royale from Respawn Entertainment continues expanding and adding more content as time moves on. Today we will see the release of the third season of Apex legends. With the name of Meltdown, this new season is bringing a new map, a new weapon, and another playable Legend that raises the number of available characters in the game to eleven.

The map is located on a new planet, the burning cold World's Edge, a frozen piece of rock with a very intense volcanic activity where being aware of the deadly environmental conditions will be necessary, that is, unless you want to end swimming in a river of lava.

Crypto is a surveillance specialist that uses drones to keep track of his enemies, only choosing to act when he has the upper hand. His tactical ability allows him to deploy a remotely-controlled drone that can be piloted and used to ping enemies. The targets will continue pinned while the drone is in the air, but it can be destroyed, and enemies will know when they are pinned. Crypto's passive ability is Neurolink, and it allows all the members in his team to see any enemy that is in a 30-meter radius of the drone while it's flying, even through barriers. Finally, as his ultimate ability, Crypto can send his drone to any location and activate a powerful EMP charge that will damage shields, neutralize traps, and slow the movement of anyone inside its blast radius.

Apex Legends' Season 3 will also introduce a new weapon, the Charge Rife. It's a very powerful gun able to project a deadly energy beam. Although its reload time is moderately long, it compensates for this with great damage.

This season, Apex Legends is also getting a new Battle Pass full of rewards, and the Ranked Leagues Series 2 also starts today with a few important changes to the kill count score and the assists on kills that you can see here.

With the start of this season, Apex Legends confirms has consolidated its well-earned place as a reference among the competitive Battle Royale games, even though Fortnite has managed to stay at the top.

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