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Apex Legends celebrates Valentine's Day with an event

Apex Legends celebrates Valentine's Day with an event

Seasonal and limited time events have become a common way of adding some extra content and making the player's life more interesting in many videogames. Those are usually accompanied by exclusive cosmetic items and gameplay modes that are based on a certain theme. Valentine's Day is one of those occasions, and Respawn is not going to lose the opportunity of bringing a new event to Apex Legends this year. The creators of the Titanfall series have announced a special Valentine's event for their Battle Royale game that will take place in the following days.



Valentine's Day Rendezvous starts today and it will be available until February 18 in Apex Legends. The event allows players to earn a special commemorative badge of this year's event when they log into Apex Legends while the event is running. On the customization side, there are two new gun charms that can be purchased, "Lovestruck" and "Lovefinder". The items from last year's event, “Through the Heart” for the Longbow DMR and the “Love of the Game” Banner, can be also purchased with a discount in the game, in case you missed the previous event.



But not everything is going to be buying cosmetic items, and Valentine's Day Rendezvous also marks the return of the Duos Mode. This game mode was introduced in Apex Legends as a limited-time mode during two weeks in November 2019 for the first time, and it is perfect for this occasion since it will allow you to play with a partner and prove that your love is strong enough to defeat any enemies that you come across. Also, you will be able to earn double XP when grouping with someone in this mode up to a maximum of 20,000 XP points every day, so even if it's not your beloved, you will be getting some benefits from the event.

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