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    In the world of movies, there are characters that truly stand the test of time and become ingrained in our culture. One of those characters is John Rambo. This special forces soldier has had a saga of films over the years, and is known as one of the greatest action heroes of all time. His grit, style, creativity in battle, and of course, his brutality have made him a legend the world over, and now, you can experience many of his adventure through his own eyes in his very own game: Rambo. This on-rails shooter literally lets you fight through the eyes of John Rambo through many of the legendary battles and wars he's fought through his first three movies. You'll get to take on the police in a forest, be able to blow stuff up with his legendary bow and arrow, and even get to take down Russian helicopters with a machine gun, this power of John Rambo, and now that power is in your hands. Through the course of 16 missions you'll get to experience everything Rambo has done across those three films, along the way you'll pick up over 15 different kinds of guns, each one a lethal arsenal in his hands, and with 25 different enemy types, plus a slew of boss fights, you'll see just how intense the action can get. As an added bonus, Sylvester Stallone, the man who is Rambo , is here to give you the voice behind the legend. This isn't just a Rambogame, it's THE Rambo game.

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    A good big turnip

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