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    Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare is an action-packed video game developed by PopCap and published by Electronic Arts for multi-platforms. Released in 2014, it follows the popular tower defense format of its predecessor, but with a colorful twist. Players are thrown into a world that blends shooting and strategy elements while they command plant troops to protect their homes from the invading zombie hordes.

    The goal of Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare is simple: set up your team of plants across various battle zones dotted around the map and build defensive towers to strategically keep out those pesky zombies! You can choose from four different classes - Peashooter Soldiers, Chomper Commandos, Cactus Defenders, or Sunflower Scientists - each featuring their own unique weapons and abilities which help you gain control of the battlefield faster. With innovative new modes like Gardens & Graveyards or Naval Warfare, you will have plenty of opportunities to explore exciting strategies to defeat your opponents while leveling up alongside friends online in four-player co-op sessions or competitive multiplayer battles against other players.

    In addition to traditional shooter mechanics such as jumping over obstacles, opening fires on enemies, and managing ammo reserves there are also compelling extra elements included such as Vanquish Confirmed where you have to collect coins from defeated foes and boost your score, or the Boss Mode where you take control of a giant robot to wreak havoc in your enemies' lawns. With many rewards and upgrades available as you progress through the game Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare is sure to keep gamers entertained for hours.

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