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Plants vs. Zombies: two new games in development

Plants vs. Zombies: two new games in development

Released in 2009 on PC, Plants vs. Zombies has become the flagship title of the PopCap Games studio. It's become so huge that the game is now available on many platforms, including consoles and mobile devices, and it had even benefited from a free browser version, as some of the fans will surely remember. The game is basically quite simple; it is a tower defense title that takes a lot of the mechanics of the genre but with adds a special touch. Those who have missed the phenomenon should know that you must defend your home from a horde of zombies attacking in waves, using plants. The wacky touch of the game but also its cartoony graphics and the humor that emerges from it, especially thanks to the famous Crazy Dave, has seduced many players. The success of the first game has produced a Plants vs. Zombies 2, as well as a TPS called Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, and its sequel, Garden Warfare 2.



But the franchise does not seem to have run out of steam since Electronic Arts, which bought PopCap Games in 2011, announced that Plants Vs. Zombies 3 was under development just a few days ago. A pre-alpha version is already available on Android, and it is possible to participate if you are lucky enough to get invited. EA has stated on its official website that since the number of players is limited, the opening of the download will be done in phases, and therefore, it will be necessary to regularly monitor the game page on the Google Play Store if you want to have a chance to participate.

But this is not the only info around the license that has been revealed in the recent days. We have seen on the forums a rumor about the development of Garden Warfare 3 also being in progress. It comes from an e-mail that would have been sent to a handful of handpicked people to participate in a playtest for a new Plants vs. Zombies shooter code-named "Picnic" on Xbox One and PS4. The rumor has been confirmed, since an article published yesterday on Gamespot attests to its veracity by stating that one of their employees would have received said email, like other people who are part of EA's playtest program. That's great news for the fans of the franchise, although this is not a surprise since EA already announced that a new shooter of the franchise would be coming before the end of the first quarter of 2020. Ea has reported no other information about it so far, and no release date has been announced for any of these two games, but it is more than likely that we will have news of both Plants vs. Zombies games soon.

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