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    Plants vs. Zombies is a zany tower defense, in which you have to defend your house against zombies. Zombies arrive in your garden in waves, and you must plant different types of plants or fungi to prevent them from reaching you to eat your brain. The game offers several types of levels with varying terrain and climatic conditions, in which you will need to adjust your strategy if you want to survive. There are also several kinds of zombies, each of them with special characteristics. Your neighbor Crazy Dave will visit you from time to time to give you a boost and you can also buy from him various objects and improvements for your plants. The game also offers other game modes such as survival, where you will have to hold as long as possible against the zombies, as well as several mini-games. It also has a Zen garden, where you can grow plants to win the game and money to buy upgrades in Dave's shop.

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