The Walking Dead : 400 Days

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    The Walking Dead : 400 Days is a downloadable content (DLC) episode for the critically acclaimed, award-winning survival horror game series, The Walking Dead by Telltale Games. This DLC tells five interlinked stories across an expansive timeline set during the first four hundred days of the zombie apocalypse. As players take control of each character and navigate through their experiences with undead hordes all around them, they will make life-altering decisions that directly influence how events unfold in real-time.

    The player begins one day after the outbreak in Macon County, GA on July 23rd, 2011 as Vince struggles against his demons and fights for redemption before being apprehended by survivors at a roadside canteen. On Day 2 of the zombie apocalypse, Kenny must defend his family from bloodthirsty undead when they arrive at Savannah Harbor only to find people stranded and desperate. On Day 182 Wyatt scavenges abandoned homes outside Austin while also surviving unimaginable suffering on her mission to reunite with her brother Eddie. Bonnie discovers harsh truths about herself on Day 257 when she tries to keep others alive despite risking it all in an effort to survive her own fears; Sarah does everything she can to protect innocent children who are forced into harm’s way on Day 304; And finally, there’s Russell, a naive young man who is thrust into an unimaginable nightmare on Day 391 as he searches for safety without ever fully realizing how far away it really is.

    The Walking Dead : 400 Days allows gamers to experience this emotional journey of survival in a way only video games can provide. This is why The Walking Dead : 400 Days was met with such critical acclaim when it first hit the market; allowing players to become deeply invested in not just one, but five characters facing harrowing climaxes that directly reflect their decisions throughout the game. Its sheer depth and complexity of gaming possibilities truly make The Walking Dead : 400 Days unlike any other zombie-survival game out there. The series' signature mix of horror and heartache will be sure to leave any gamer with an unforgettable experience.

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    This game is a DLC and needs to be used with the complete version of the game : The Walking Dead
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