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    Ubisoft Montreal has developed this action-adventure video game that mixes an exciting storyline with the repercussions of the technology in our lives.

    You are Aiden Pierce, a brilliant hacker and former thug whose past actions have caused a violent family tragedy. Seeking justice he will become a modern Vigilante Hero, fighting a corrupt system and delivering his own justice by any means available.

    The game is set in a fictional Chicago, Illinois, where the city Central Operating System (ctOS) controls most of the city’s technology and information. By hacking it through his cellphone, Aiden will be able to control almost any part of the city’s infrastructures, from cameras to traffic lights, using them to fulfill his objectives. Hacking will also allow Aiden to gather information, steal bank funds, and pretty much influence people and situations in many ways.

    And if that is not enough to deal with a problem you can always use more than 30 different traditional weapons to solve things the old way.

    The Multiplayer Online aspect of the game mingles with the single-player game in a very interesting way. You can enter other player’s games, getting a mission to hack their phones, and steal valuable data that will make you more powerful once you go back to your single-player game. The “invaded” player is completely unaware of this intrusion until you start to hack his phone keeping a certain distance. At that moment he will get a notification and then he can proceed to try and kill you or make you flee far enough so the data transfer stops.

    Watch Dogs Standard Edition comes with the game disc and the Watch Dogs Map of Chicago and then there are other five different Collector´s Editions available for consoles and PC:

    •    Special Edition comes with the game disc and the Breakthrough Single-Player Mission Pack.

    •    Vigilante edition includes the game disc, Palace Single-Player Mission Pack, exclusive packaging, the Original Soundtrack, and Aiden Pierce’s Cap & Mask.

    •    Uplay Exclusive Edition contents include the game disc, Breakthrough, Palace, and Signature Shot Single-Player Mission Packs and an exclusive Steelbook.

    •    Limited Edition comes with the game disc, Watch Dogs Map of Chicago, exclusive packaging, the Original Soundtrack, Aiden Pierce’s Mask, an exclusive Steelbook, a 9” Aiden Pierce figurine and Watch Dogs Artbook.

    •    Dedsec Edition includes the game disc, Watch Dogs Map of Chicago, Breakthrough, Palace, and Signature Shot Single-Player Mission Packs, exclusive packaging, the Original Soundtrack, an exclusive Steelbook, a 9” Aiden Pierce figurine, Watch Dogs Artbook, Collectible Cards and Exclusive Badges.


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    Comments on Watch_Dogs

    May 29, 2014, 3:23 PMon m'on fait attendre 3 jours ( paiement pris en compte ) pour me rembourser la somme aujourd’hui , et me dire qu'il n'avait pas de clef wach dog pour moi ... made me wait 3 days (payment taken into account) to refund me the amount today, and tell me that he had no key wach dog for me ...
    May 17, 2014, 3:58 PMon
    Si je pré-commande Watch_Dogs sur Xbox one à 40€ sur ca va vraiment marcher? Est ce qu'on peut faire confiance à ce site?
    If I pre-order Watch_Dogs on Xbox one for 40€ on will it really work? Can we trust this site?
    May 17, 2014, 11:41 AMon
    non elle ne sont pas compatibles steam, malheureusement...
    no they are not steam compatible, unfortunately...
    May 17, 2014, 11:25 AMon
    Certaines clés peuvent avoir des compatibilité entre plusieurs plateforme de téléchargement mais si tu souhaite avoir une clé steam, achete le directement sur steam
    Some keys may have compatibility between several download platforms but if you want to have a steam key, buy it directly on steam
    May 14, 2014, 9:20 PMon
    Les clefs uplay sont compatibles steam ?
    Are uplay keys compatible with steam?
    Apr 16, 2014, 12:38 PMon
    ha ok merci kikigriever
    ha ok thanks kikigriever
    Apr 11, 2014, 5:11 PMon
    Techniquement, tu la reçois le jour de la sortie du jeu ou un peu avant... Cordialement
    Technically, you get it the day the game is released or a little before... Sincerely
    Apr 8, 2014, 12:40 AMon
    Si je précommande Watch dogs sur pc là toute suite j aurai ma clef quand pour l activer ??
    If I pre-order watch dogs on pc right now I will get my key when to activate it?

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