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    Homeseek is an exciting simulation game that pits you against the crude reality of what could be our future if we continue wasting the resources of our planet. Set in a dystopian world where human practices have led to the collapse of civilization and a shortage of drinkable water, this colony simulator puts you at the head of a group of survivors. Your mission is to guide them to someplace where you all can start from zero and rebuild, but you will have to face a dry wasteland starved of resources.

    Starting from a small settlement, you will need to build all the facilities you may need to research new technologies and put the scarce resources to the best use. Maximizing the efficiency of your outpost will be key to it growing and eventually becoming a place capable of sustaining your people for a long time. Every mistake you make when choosing the best course of action could have a high cost in human lives. Resources and time are limited, and you have to make the best use of them if you want your settlers to thrive.

    Homeseek features two campaigns spanning 9 scenarios that will put your skill and judgment to the test. You can experience them in different gameplay modes, each of them offering a new challenge due to different difficulties and conditions. When you are looking for a more competitive experience, you can jump into the online multiplayer mode to challenge other players to find out who is the best survivor.

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