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    Explore your deepest fears in a thrilling survival horror experience where you will face a terrible truth. Greyhill Incident puts you in the shoes of Ryan Baker, a resident of the small town of Greyhill during the early 90s. The town has changed a lot recently due to an increase in paranormal activities that have led most of the population to fall into a state of fear. Talks about conspiracies are present in the town's daily life while the media try to shut down those rumors. But the truth is far worse than you would expect in this story-driven horror adventure.

    In Greyhill Incident you are just an average guy following some crazy theories who wants to investigate what's really happening in his hometown. The game features an oppressive atmosphere polluted by conspiracy theories that will make you doubt everything. Equipped with a baseball bat and a revolver, you will dig deep into the secrets behind the recent events and find out a terrible truth: Greyhill has been invaded by Grey Aliens from outer space who want to abduct everyone in town.

    Greyhill Incident is a survival story where you have to solve puzzles, find useful items, and fight against an Alien threat in order to save your neighbors. With a deep level of immersion and a gloomy and dark atmosphere, the game requires you to do more than wear a tin foil hat to stop this extraterrestrial menace.

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