Nuclear War Simulator

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    Ever wondered what the world would look like in the event of wide-scale nuclear conflict? Nuclear War Simulator is a realistic simulation that presents the sobering reality of such a war. Focusing on its effects on humanity, this simulator visualizes the devastating effects of a nuclear exchange, including blast and radiation zones, fires, and casualties. 

    You can choose and create scenarios between international nuclear powers as you will. See the effects of an all-out exchange between the U.S. and Russia, or what would happen if India and Pakistan unleashed their arsenals. You can manually assign each warhead or use an AI to assist. With just a few clicks, you have the results you are looking for. Try more than 22 pre-made scenarios.

    Nuclear War Simulator features true-to-life delivery systems and technology. Launch from anywhere in the world using various means: submarine, missile silos, aircraft, and TELs. Finally, you get a visual indicator of damage, casualties, and chances for survival for a population. The variables you need are all there—you just need to press the switch to start armageddon.

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