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    DOOM (1993) is an iconic first-person shooter game developed by id Software. Released in December 1993, the game has become one of the most influential and successful video games in history. It established many core conventions that still define popular action games today such as deathmatch multiplayer options, fast-paced movement, and level design based on exploration instead of linear progression.

    The story takes place on a moonscape known as Phobos after scientists have unleashed interdimensional forces they cannot control. You are a nameless Space Marine who traverses across Phobos to battle a horde of demons from Hell. Along your descent through the depths, you face off against dozens of monsters using weapons like shotguns, chainguns, and rocket launchers while avoiding traps like rising floors or crushing walls. In addition to single-player mode, there were two different multi-player modes added later: coop play where team allies can help each other progress through levels; and deathmatch which pits adversaries directly against each other with the goal being having the highest score at endgame when all lives are lost or time runs out whichever comes first. DOOM (1993) was revolutionary for its graphics engine which allowed players to see distant perspectives around them in full 3D. It also ushered in an age of modding, allowing gamers to create their own levels and game types using a level editor included with the original version. This sparked a dedicated fan base that still plays DOOM (1993) 30 years later, making it one of the longest-running franchises in gaming history. All versions of DOOM (1993) have sold more than 10 million copies combined.

    The release of DOOM (1993) helped popularize first-person shooters (FPS) on personal computers and paved the way for many subsequent games within the genre. In addition, its success encouraged other developers to experiment with 3D graphics engines and begin creating immersive worlds from a gamer's point of view rather than traditional top-down perspectives. To this day, DOOM (1993) is still held in high regard as a revolutionary title that changed the gaming landscape forever.

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