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    Old but gold, Doom II is the epitome of the first-person shooter. A sequel to the blastfest smash hit, you return as the indestructible Doomguy, tasked to save the remnants of humanity when Hell itself invades the Earth. Get ready to blow holes through demon skulls as you cover humanity’s escape to the stars. 

    Starting from the UAC Underground and into the bowels of hell itself, fight your way through 30+ levels filled to the brim with devilish monstrosities. Doom II features bigger maps, badder monsters, and bloodier action as Doomguy cuts a swath through the armies of the damned. Monsters that played bosses in the original game are now roaming levels freely, and there’s twice more of them than before. Which means massive amounts of blood and viscera as you mow them all down.

    Explore hidden areas and discover power-ups, like the new Megasphere. Collect an arsenal of new guns, like the unforgettable Super Shotgun. Play DOOM II solo, or with another player over a modem, or with up to four players over a LAN using IPX protocol. 

    Hell may overrun the Earth, but they’re going to pay for it in mountains of corpses!

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