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PixelJunk Eden

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    The acclaimed PSN platformer comes to the PC! PixelJunk Eden has new features and controls that will make it distinct from the original.

    In PixelJunk Eden, you play a creature called a “Grimp” that can jump and attach itself to plants. You must journey through several gardens made up of alien plants to collect items called Spectra. To get them, you need to activate various seeds that become structures that you can climb. 

    To activate these seeds, you must collect pollen from enemies that you hit. Gather enough to make the garden grow and change before your very eyes. The longer you can stay in the air, the more pollen you can collect.

    Every garden you visit has a unique challenge for you to face. Float through the air in zero-G, get teleported to a mirror universe, and grasp onto a leaf as you get blown by the wind. Enjoy an amazing blend of visuals and soundtrack as you wander through 15 gardens filled with wondrous plants. As an added benefit for the PC, you can reload from the last Spectra you found. Get ready to bring amazing otherworldly gardens to life in PixelJunk Eden. 

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