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    You must dig for your life in Something Ate My Alien, a puzzle digging game where you must hunt for treasure on another planet while avoiding its many dangers.

    You play an AI called Antalasia, on an expedition to other worlds. Unfortunately, your ship and crew have been captured and held hostage by space pirates. To pay the ransom, you must operate a digging team to excavate a planet’s surface in search of valuables. Of course, resources aren’t the only things you’ll find, as the planet’s crust is teeming with vicious alien creatures!

    Explore four planets with unique biomes to hunt for treasure. Discover puzzle chambers and solve them by moving blocks around to the correct positions. Fight dangerous wildlife using six different energy weapons. Your oxygen will deplete as you go, so look for oxygen recharge stations to keep going.

    You may also upgrade your equipment to increase your chances of survival. You have a choice between faster digging rate, bigger oxygen tanks, more powerful weapons, better jetpacks, and more. You need the power-ups to fight the ferocious bosses hiding in the planet’s core. Will you rescue your ship or doom your crew? Dig and hope for the best in Something Ate My Alien.

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