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Against the Storm

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    The climate itself is your enemy in Against the Storm, a roguelike city builder where you must gather various fantasy races to live in harmony while preparing your cities for violent magical storms. 

    You play as the Viceroy, a leader appointed by the Scorched Queen to build colonies to tame the wilderness, discover riches, and allow the Smoldering City to prosper. You must not only deal with the dangers of the wilds but also face the coming Blightstorms, powerful natural disasters that will lay waste to your towns. 

    Lead a diverse group of races—including beavers, lizards, humans, and harpies—to build villages across the land. Each group has its own specific skills such as baking pies, sewing raincoats, and brewing ale. They also have specific needs you must address to keep them happy. Manage your races to make them productive and strong enough to withstand the dangers of the environment.

    With each valuable resource you find, you can unlock improvements to the Smoldering City that will persist through your paythroughs. Though the Blightstorms may destroy your villages, they will also reshape the environment and provide new opportunities to grow. It’s a neverending battle in Against the Storm, and only the strong survive.

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