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Bus World

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    Bus World is a bus-driving simulator that puts you in the shoes of a driver in a variety of scenarios. The game features unique locations that you would never expect to see in titles of this genre. You can, for example, visit the Chernobyl Exclusion zone and explore the area surrounding the nuclear power plant right before the accident. In this case, you will be working as a bus driver who takes the staff to the plant. When the accident happens, you will take part in the rescue of the civilians that try to escape the disaster.

    In Bus World you can also take the role of a bus driver in southern China during our days, having to deal with natural disasters like tsunamis, floods, and earthquakes.

    Bus World challenges you with accomplishing your job while facing unexpected problems, like natural disasters, really bad weather, mechanical issues, and more. The game also features an experience system that allows you to unlock new scenarios and vehicles as you level.

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