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    The Champion of the Black Moon has come, and only you can stop them from conquering the world. Arcanium: Rise of Akhan is an open-world single-player strategy deck builder with rogue-lite mechanics. Control three heroes in a bid to defeat Akhan and save your land.

    Welcome to Arzu, a once peaceful kingdom peopled by anthropomorphic animals. Then Umbra, the spirit of the Dark Moon, created a cataclysm that brought about the creation of the Scorched Lands. From there arose Akhan, a champion of Umbra, tasked with laying waste to Arzu and allowing Umbra to rule over all. As Akhan leads the Umbra army to corrupt the world, you must gather three heroes and embark on a quest to stop him. 

    Each hero has their own unique abilities and their own deck which you can use to take actions. You can upgrade their skills, change equipment, and tactically switch heroes around during battles. To win encounters, you must strategize moves between your three characters and use their abilities as a team. You are free to experiment with a wide variety of combinations between heroes and abilities.

    Arcanium: Rise of Akhan provides a procedurally generated map that covers the various provinces of Arzu. The world has a day and night cycle, where Umbra’s monsters become more dangerous as darkness falls. Wander where you will, but remember that the longer you stay in a province, the harder the encounters become for you. Only by gathering items and growing in strength can you hope to survive a battle with Umbra’s Champion. Fail, and Arzu is doomed.

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