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    Turn the Red Planet into a paradise with Terraformers, a civ-style city-builder. Send humans to Mars and start a colony with ambitious designs. 

    Search the sands for rich mineral deposits. Discover incredible natural wonders, including crystal caves, enormous volcanoes, and more. Establish your colony in craters or caves created by lava. Start collecting exotic rare minerals that will help your people survive and thrive. 

    Of course, to advance further, you have to change the surface of Mars itself. Restart volcanoes to adjust the gasses in the atmosphere, establish satellite mirrors to raise energy levels, and crash ice asteroids into the planet to introduce liquid water. You can even introduce bacteria to grow plants and even entire forested areas. Provide for the needs of each life form you introduce to Mars, and soon you’ll have a thriving ecosystem. 

    Mars can be a haven if you design it right. Pick up Terraformers and try your hand at building a paradise on the Red Planet.

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