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    Plunge into an epic sci-fi adventure in XEL. A 3D top-down RPG, XEL puts you in the shoes of Reid, a young woman seeking to uncover her dark past who is shipwrecked in the strange world of XEL. Follow her journey as she meets new friends, fights deadly new foes, and unravels strange technologies that will let her break the boundaries of time and space. 

    Explore a verdant overworld reminiscent of The Legend of Zeldaseries. Wield your sword and shield as you delve into dungeons in search of rewards. Fight against malfunctioning robots and creatures of the wild. Dodge and block with your shield, or use your variety of gadgets to give you an advantage in combat. 

    Using your gadgets, solve puzzles by bending time and altering your environment. You can even go to a time period where your enemy is weaker, giving you an advantage. Speak with a wide cast of charming NPCs. Most of all, help Reid discover her past and her relationship with this land. Can you solve the mystery at the heart of XEL?

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