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    Gibbon: Beyond the Trees is an emotional platformer game about the effects of deforestation on the habitats of wild animals. Follow the adventures of a lost gibbon desperately trying to unite with its family amidst the loss of its home. 

    Experience the thrill of swinging from tree to tree as only a gibbon can. Grab onto branches and vines, gain momentum, somersault through the air, overcome obstacles, and perform amazing stunts as you race to the end of the level. You can also match up with a fellow gibbon to perform acrobatic tricks to keep your momentum going. Explore various biomes, from the jungles of South East Asia to the human cities beyond. Play through either an hour-long story mode, or beat your best time in the procedurally generated liberation mode.

    Most of all, view firsthand the devastating effects of poaching, illegal logging, climate change, and the destruction of natural habitats on our wildlife. Gibbon: Beyond the Trees gives us a glimpse of this gorgeous world that is on the brink of disaster, and why we must help save it.

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