Tribal Hunter

  • PC
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    Tribal Hunter is an action platformer where size matters. In the game, you play as the legendary spirit Munch, the protector of a mythical island. You live in a small village with your friends but there are plenty of monsters that threaten your peaceful existence. You will have to use your legendary powers to explore the island and eat all your enemies to become even more powerful.

    Munch has a fullness meter that gets filled up as he eats enemies. The more he eats, the bigger he gets. A bigger size means that he is more resistant to attacks and deals more damage. Also, the fullness meter acts as a mana bar that he can use to unleash different powers. 

    There are nine zones full of monsters in tthe island. You can explore all of them and defeat monsters until you find the mighty boss that controls each area. When you are not fighting, you can pass the time in the village playing mini-games.

    Tribal Hunter is an exciting adventure with cartoonish graphics, lots of humor, and packed with action to boot.

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