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    The Borderlands universe is home to a myriad of frenetic and crazy adventures, and New Tales from the Borderlands brings you a new one. With a different approach to the action that focuses on the narrative and your decisions, this new take on the popular series from Telltale Games follows the endeavors of a group of characters that have not had much luck in their respective lives. But opportunity lies behind every corner and Anu, Octavio and Fran will abandon their role as complete losers and try to change the world where they live by any means.

    Explore the guts of Promethea in an adventure that will have you facing a planetary invasion and heaps of monsters. Each of the characters in New Tales from the Borderlands has their own goals, but only together do these three unadapted misfits have a chance of achieving their individual dreams. Your decisions will guide them through an epic storyline that takes shape as you progress through the game.

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