New Tales from the Borderlands gameplay revealed

New Tales from the Borderlands gameplay revealed

Not only Gearbox has managed to create an exciting and unique first-person shooter series with Borderlands, but also a whole universe where many stories take place. The unique setting and stories of the Borderlands games served as an inspiration for Telltale Games to create Tales from the Borderlands, an episodic graphic adventure with a deep focus on the narrative that expanded the universe with additional stories and characters. When Telltale Games closed its doors, we thought that its unique way of creating games was lost, but Gearbox seems quite interested on take a similar approach to its flagship franchise with New Tales from the Borderlands, a new take on the spin-off episodic series.

New Tales from the Borderlands will feature a new story set in Promethea starring a new cast of characters. The game was revealed during the latest Gamescom and it will follow a structure similar to its predecessor, with plenty of dialogs and all the pressure of taking the right decisions on the player, as they will determine the outcome of the story. You can take a good peek at the gameplay and get to meet the new protagonists in a video recently published by Gearbox, which follows Anu, Octavio, and Fran as they try to open a dormant vault before a group of Tediore soldiers does it.



New Tales from the Borderlands features better graphics and animations than its predecessor but it maintains the style that has made Borderlands so popular. A good dose of humor and craziness also help to recreate the Borderlands universe. The game also features plenty of minigames and quick-time events that accompany the story and serve to add depth and variety to the gameplay while not breaking the immersion.

The release of the game is scheduled for October 21 and you can check out the best prices to buy your New Tales from the Borderlands code with our comparator. Feel free to give a try to the original Tales from the Borderlands too. It's a great story that will allow you to get accustomed to the mechanics for the upcoming game.

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