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    Raise a town completely run by cats in Catizens, a city builder and colony sim where your people are all cute and furry kitties.

    Build a town for your feline citizens and make sure it conforms to their preferences and personalities. Each cat in your care has specific needs that you must meet to keep them happy. The last thing you need is a town of unhappy and disobedient cats!

    Design your own cat citizens by selecting their colors, bodies, and faces. You can also design your town by placing buildings, plants, and all sorts of decorations that will increase your citizens’ happiness. 

    Before you know it, your cats will be engaged in different kinds of professions: farming, crafting, and trading are all part of the game. Put your best cats in positions of leadership and you won’t have to micromanage your town.

    Expand your town, go on sidequests, and look for treasure in the outskirts of your colony. There’s so much to do with your settlement, so get started with your unique cat colony in Catizens.

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